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So THAT’S The Reason We Should Be Eating Kale


The past couple of years, the kale conversation has centered around making fun of how trendy this green is, or talking about how its popularity has finally peaked. (By the way, it hasn’t.) When really, what we should all be focusing on is why this green became such a fixture in healthy eating (and trendy restaurants) at all.
Here’s the reason: it’s really, truly very good for you. Plus, it’s pretty dang tasty. That’s why it rose to be — and has stayed — one of the most popular greens on the market. But how, exactly? That’s what we’re here to answer. read more →

Strawberry kale salad


Sweet, plump, juicy and red, strawberries are synonymous with summer.
While we can get strawberries at the grocery store year-round, nothing compares to fresh, ripe local berries in the summer.
We can easily devour pints by themselves (sometimes with a little bit of whipped cream), but they are excellent to cook with, as well, pairing with ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, black pepper, cream cheese, almonds and rhubarb.

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Kale, Coconut and Grace in a Salad


It looked like the makings of dinner at a yoga retreat. There was a sheet pan filled with cherry tomatoes, glistening with olive oil, dusted in lime zest, showered in salt and pepper. Beside it, another pan: a soy-drizzled mound of ripped kale and dried shaved coconut. There were the ingredients for a dressing as well: miso paste from Japan; tahini from the Levant; local honey; a knob of ginger; a bright red pepper. All of this was very beautiful. But I didn’t see how it was going to come together. read more →

Kale an economical powerhouse of nutrition


If you love kale, you’re going to love this column.

Because I am addicted to that hardy green leafy vegetable.

For the past few years, Americans have had a love affair with kale and mine continues. I eat two bundles a week.

Aside from being delicious, it’s seriously versatile and nutritious.

A cup of chopped kale has 33 calories; 206 percent of your vitamin A needs; 134 percent of the recommended vitamin C intake; 9 percent of your RDA of calcium and 6 percent of iron. It’s also high in vitamin K – off the charts high with more than 600 percent of the recommended daily intake. read more →

10 Proven Benefits of Kale


Of all the super healthy greens, kale is the king.
It is definitely one of the healthiest and most nutritious plant foods in existence.
Kale is loaded with all sorts of beneficial compounds… some of which have powerful medicinal properties.
Here are 10 health benefits of kale, that are supported by science. read more →